Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remind Me

Two of the most dynamic country singers join up for today's song that my friend, Alison, told me I had to listen to!  Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.  I don't think there needs to be anymore explanation about why the song is fantastic!  Their names say it all.  Two extremely talented musicians/singers joining up for a duet?  AWESOME. 
The song is such a good one for couples who have found themselves forgetting what it was like in the early days of their relationship.  It's hard to keep that flame going when you have jobs and kids and a home and whatever else on your plate, they all serve as distractions and before you know it you are looking at each other over the table and you can barely recognize the person you are much less the person you fell in love with!  We all need reminders, we all need to be pro-active in keeping the flame alive because one day the kids will be gone, the job will be done, the distractions will be minimal and you will find yourself wondering what kind of marriage you are in.  Don't let that happen, remind each other NOW about the reasons why you fell in love, about what you love about each other.  You won't regret taking the time to keep the flame alive!
Remind Me

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