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I think some of the fun of cooking is the gadgets! And I am pretty sure I am not the only foodie who loves the kitchen gadgets too. I am a kitchen gadget freak. It may or may not be a problem. *wink* 
There's no way I could pick *a* favorite gadget but here are a few that I constantly use: garlic press, zester, Kitchen Aid, Crock Pot, my good set of knives, my Pampered Chef pots and pans set, Pyrex measuring cups, cookie scoops that I use for so much more than the perfect sized cookie...well I could add a few more to the list but that's sufficient. So what are the essentials? Each of us will have ones that are essential to us but here's a list of the ones everyone needs.

Because of my slight obsession with kitchen gadgets going into stores such as Williams Sonoma or Bed Bath & Beyond, or hanging around too many Pampered Chef parties is a wee bit dangerous for me. I can ALWAYS find some gadget I *need.*

So how about you? What do you use to cook and bake that helps you …
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#ThumbsUpThursday is all about giving people just a wee bit of "way to go." Someone may behave like they don't need a thumbs up but it's not true - every person needs a thumbs up, needs affirmation, they just may need it in a different way than most. So if you've tuned in to someone who doesn't seem to need a thumbs up your mission is to discover what qualifies as a thumbs up to them. In the meantime...for the people that you know love getting a thumbs up here's an idea for today. Sneak something like these postcards on to people's desks or mailboxes or lockers or wherever they are sure to find their thumbs up.


Today's #WinningWednesday topic is our minds. And more specifically what we allow our minds to think. What we think has a lot of power in our lives. To be winners we must have a mindset that is positive. Listening to our own negative self-talk or allowing others to speak it to us is one of the fastest ways to lose. Thinking too small is also a way we defeat ourselves. (I'm REALLY guilty of this, I defeat myself all the time with small thinking.) Replaying old stories and old mistakes is another way we can end up on the losing side of things. It takes work and intentionality to keep our minds positive. Here are 3 ways to create a winning and healthy mindset.

Another important part of winning and our minds is our willingness to grow or not. Willing to grow is called growth mindset and an unwillingness is called fixed. When you consider those terms - fixed and growth - which sounds healthiest to you? (Yes, that was a rhetorical question - the answer is clearly growth. Fixed gene…


How different would our journey be without friends?We are relational people, created to be in relationships, romantic and platonic. Some of our friends will be seasonal, around for a season or two and then gone. Other friends we have will last over years. Both are necessary and good - both are a treasure to hold on to. 
I'm in love with these two ladies who I first saw on a Steve Harvey Show clip. They are the best. 

Okay, did you see them?! Holding hands, giggling, helping finish each other's thoughts. They clearly know what it is to treasure friendship. Reading through this article made me think that the two ladies must have practiced true friendship with each other to last 94 years. 

Do you have some treasured friendships in your life? Take some time to reflect on them today and perhaps even reach out to those people and expressing your love for them. 


Sometimes this is how Monday looks. But it doesn't have to all day long, it can turn around. The choice is, frankly, ours. Try turning it back on Monday and see what can happen!

Start your #ManicMonday off with a laugh!


A sip is a small amount, just a taste. Today's #SundaySip is from Roy Lessin. Roy has been penning thoughts about faith for as long as I've been alive (I'm pretty that is actually true and not an exaggeration). I have a whole bunch of his writings saved and I run through them every so often. To pick a favorite to share with you is basically impossible so I just chose one. I really hope you enjoy this *sip* from Roy Lessin.

Even Though by Roy Lessin

Trust His ways, even though they may not be your ways.
Take His hand, even though it means letting go of what you are hanging onto.
Depend upon His strength, even though you are aware of your weakness.
Please His heart, even though it means not having the approval of others.
Wait for His time, even though you desire to do it now.
Obey His Word, even though you hear different opinions.
Follow His path, even though it takes you through valleys and hills.
Seek His wisdom, even though you don’t understand everything He’s doing.
Give Him prai…


My superstar choice for this saturday is Drew Barrymore. Most of us were introduced to her in E.T. But actually Drew made her first screen appearance at 11 months old in a puppy food commercial. Unlike a lot of actors Drew's age, she was born into a family of famous actors. It was in the Barrymore blood and Drew inherited it as well. Drew's life has been widely publicized given her family history and her growing up years on the movie screen. And because of that we (the public) knows far more about her than we would any other person who has had the life experiences she has. But I don't consider Drew Barrymore a superstar because of the movies she has been. I look at her ability to overcome hard things and come out on the other side stronger and healthier and with the world watching - that's what makes her a superstar, in my opinion. You can, if you would like, read about Drew's life by clicking here