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I don't know about you but I'm not super picky about what I drink my wine out of. If all I have available is a red solo cup then that's okay by me. But it is fun to have a designated class or two for the winding down that needs to happen from time to time - or at least each wednesday!  My daughter got me a fun wine glass for Christmas last year and I love to use it.  Here's a few other fun ones available out there. 

Do you have a favorite glass to drink wine from? 

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I never cared much for the genre of time travel and all that. And then I was introduced to Outlander. And I loved it, in spite of its time traveling. Now I love it in part because of its time traveling.

I was introduced to Outlander in 1994 because my supervisor at the time knew how much I loved to read and she was reading this series and thought I might like it. She was right! I not only liked it, I LOVED it. It was so well-written, so engaging, so magnificent. I would spend my lunch hours devouring as much of the story as I could. The first book was published in 1991, the most recent novel in the series was published in 2014. All the years I have been reading, and re-reading, the series I had pictures in my head of what the characters looked like, sounded like, what the landscapes were, and Gabaldon was such a vivid author that she brought all of those things to life in the most stunning of ways.

A couple of years ago I heard rumors of Outlander being made into a series. I was exci…


Today is all about doing that thing - finally - that has had you stuck, blocked, paused. It could be as simple as cleaning out the junk drawer that you have been avoiding or it could be as big as finally brushing up your resume and putting it out there. And of course there are all the in between's. Whatever it is today is the day to take steps to being unstuck. Make it happen today! But how? How to make it happen?

Well TED has a few ideas - watch one of these talks. Click here for the playlist.

Tiny Buddha offers 3 Powerful Ways to Get Unstuck.

James Altucher offers his thoughts on breaking free and finally making "it" happen.

So what can you and will you make happen today?


Got litter? Your community does, mine does too. I don't know how many litterbugs I've got in my area but I do have high winds from time to time. And when those winds kick up - especially on trash pickup days - I see trash flying around that didn't make it in the trucks or flew out of the cans that tipped over. I see the trash swirling and flying through the air and landing in the ditches and catching on tree branches and getting caught up in brush. And I cringe. So even if there are no litterbugs - and I really hope nobody I know is one - there is still litter to clean up thanks to wind and other out-of-our-control factors. 
For #SundayService take one hour, grab some family and friends, and go clean up an area in your community. You'll need heavy duty trash bags, gloves, a bin for the recyclables, sturdy shoes, and water. One hour and many hands and you'll be surprised at how much you pick up and how much better the area you choose looks! If we all did one hour o…


I've got a growing habit. When friends want to go out - grab coffee, food, beverage of another sort - I am quick to say, "Sure, let's try for local." It's my first thought - what's around that is local and we can spend our money and time there? And you know what I find? We don't lack for options, at least not in my town. My fave local places have the best coffee, the best other beverages, fresher food, better service. I love sitting in a locally owned place knowing that I'm partnering, in a sense, with others to keep our community strong, diverse, and operating. I love being part of the unique offerings creative people in my town offer, and really that's just one of the reasons to stay local when spending your money. 

Shop Small Saturday is a day dedicated to shopping at locally owned businesses - but why stop at just a day? Here's 6 reasons to shop small everyday.  So go local and help start a trend.


A lot of times the emotion we experience is actually based in something else. For example, depression is usually rooted in anger, guilt, or some emotion that we normally wouldn't associate with being "sad." And a lot of times anger is actually rooted in fear. And so it goes. 
So today think about your emotions - are you tuned in to them? Are you listening to what they might be trying to tell you? If you aren't sure about the importance of your emotions there are a lot of articles and scientific research about it. Here's one such article. Don't ignore what your emotions are trying to tell you. 


Here are some thoughts about women or how to not talk to women. *wink*