Monday, August 8, 2011

For Thursday, August 4: Little Moments

So Brad Paisley has landed on this experiment a time or two already BUT I had to do this song. HAD TO.  I love this song and I love the video to it almost as much! It's so worth watching while you are listening to the song.  It reminds me of "When Harry Met Sally" and the couple interviews that are scattered throughout the movie.  I love those couple interviews.  Paisley takes the idea and incorporates it into this video and at the end the couple interview is with him and his wife, Kimberly Williams. 
I have heard this song lots and had even seen the video before (I realized when I started to watch it again the other day) but I really loved watching the video and listening to the song with Lanny.  :)  My sweet husband can relate to every single little weird thing the women in this video express and almost everything Brad Paisley sings about.  Appreciation in marriage comes from the small, little things not the grandiose.  I'm fortunate to have a man who "likes" (puts up with?) all my weird stuff and really believes he loves me for them! (Ha!  Boy do I have him tricked!)  Sometimes I do or say something that I know drives Lanny nuts (and not in the good way) but yet within minutes, sometimes seconds, he's letting me know how much he loves me.  It's the little moments.  Mark my words, Lanny and I are gonna be one of those couples in a couple interview like in the movie or in a video someday!  And you know what?  I hope you and your spouse will be too!  Have fun with each other and enjoy the ride!

Little Moments

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