Friday, August 19, 2011

For Wednesday, August 17: Here I'm Home

My friend, Jason, tweeted the other day that this video and song were a must and far be it from me to not obey!  :)   I'm totally in the dark about Jeff Carl, so I'm super glad that Jason tweeted about him and his music.  He plays guitar and sings.  :)  Okay but he does really well!
Here I'm Home is one of the few songs Carl has out right now as he's still in the early stages of his career.  I love the idea behind the song and the lyrics really drive it home.  (Get it?  Home?  Haha.  Okay, yeah it was bad.)  ANYWAY. 
Here I'm Home talks about that bittersweet in-between place we all find ourselves in at least once in our lives.  I'm going to argue it happens more than once to the majority of humans but we'll go with once for now.  That in-between place is where you ask and explore the answers to questions like:
Who am I?
What am I meant to do?
Where am I headed? 
What will happen in my life? 
Etc, Etc. 
And as you figure these things out there's always a place you reside in (physical OR mental/emotional) and that place is always "home" for that time. 

Here I'm Home


  1. Jeff Carl is definitely in my head an up and coming artist. He has all of the things it takes to make it. Plus he has an awesome song about Lynch-Vegas I mean Lynchburg aka my old stompin grounds! Glad you listened/watched the video and liked it! I don't steer people wrong when it comes to music and food!

  2. oh and you can download his first EP for free here
    check it out!