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For Saturday, August 20: Pirates Of The Caribbean/The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

In honor of the Real Pirates exhibit that I took the youngest redhead to today the song(s) of the day have to be pirate based...of course! 
The youngest is obsessed with all the installments of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  She has a poster of Jack Sparrow on her bedroom wall.  So I figured that the National Geographic Real Pirates exhibit would be a winner for her and I was right!  It was a GREAT exhibit.  Very cool.  If it comes to your town/city I'd recommend it for sure.  It leaves Denver the week of August 21 and travels to ???  But if you see it advertised and wonder if it's worth your it!  (Of course I'm a nerd and love a good museum exhibit so if museum's aren't your thing then forget I said it would be worth your money - ha!)
So today's song(s) are serious and silly.  The soundtrack for the first Pirates of the Caribbean was, in part, responsible for making the movie so good to watch.  The music matched the action perfectly.  I've lost count, and am too lazy to look it up right now, of how many installments of this movie series there are but I know I've seen the first 2 for sure and I really liked them - much to my surprise.  Jack Sparrow is one of the most likable pirates EVER and Johnny Depp as Sparrow is brilliant.  
Veggie Tales is a parent's saving grace at times and you can always count on Larry the Cucumber to provide us with super silly songs.  The pirate one for today was so popular that it actually became a full length movie about the Veggie Pirates who don't do anything.  
Avast ye then! Take a listen and ye won't regret it!  :) 

Pirates Of The Caribbean
The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Silly Song
Bonus Song: Jack Sparrow's Theme Song (He's a Pirate)

**Check out the actual exhibit website by clicking here.  And here.


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