Friday, August 19, 2011

For Thursday, August 18: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

So today's song is for two reasons. 
1)  I love Africa.  I do.  A large part of my heart actually resides in Kenya, Africa. 
2)  Today was Young Life Service Center's Summer Picnic and we had it at the ZOO!  Our Zoo happens to have a large Rift Valley (which btw I've been to FOR REAL) exhibit and while it is nothing really like the real Rift Valley it did just enough to make me long for and miss deeply my Kenyan family and the nation of Kenya. 
So the obvious song selection for being at the Zoo is today's song and I did my best to honor the continent of Africa in the process so the Soweto Gospel Choir is my choice for the song today! 

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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