Wednesday, August 10, 2011

For Saturday, August 6: Songs About Rain

Gary Allan is one of those Country artists that I like...but don't.  I like his songs but there is something about his voice that I can't get around.  That being said, "today's" song I like for, of course, lyrical content!  :)  Not only do I like the song but so does my friend, Misty, who actually shot the song my way as a suggestion. 
Songs About Rain is about lost love.  There's a double meaning in Allan's lyrics as he's got "rain" coming out of his eyes for his lost love and he wishes he could blame it on all the songs about rain the radio is playing.  Boy, isn't it something how our hearts hold on to lost loves with a death grip?  So many times that death grip produces "rain" in our eyes that spills down our cheeks.  The good news is that means our hearts continue to hope and stay soft for love!

Songs About Rain

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