Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do Everything

"My" :) Steven Curtis Chapman has released a new album, re:creation. He's recreated some of his old songs and added some new ones in.  Today's song is the first release off that album and it's a new song for him.  The video is actually...weird? creepy? fun?  All of those?!  :) But the song is great no matter what the video may be! 
So Steven hits on a really important theme in this song.  We all have inflated egos that believe we should be doing bigger and better and we aren't worthy of whatever task we deem "below" us.  This inflated ego causes big problems for us.  We become discontent, irritable, snotty, whiny, hoover vacuums (sucking the life out of people) of complaining.  It's so not pretty when we allow our egos to get the best of us.  Chapman addresses the most menial of tasks - changing diapers, mowing lawns, etc - as opportunities to bring glory to God and shine with his grace (remember what I said a few days ago about my lifesong?).  Our inflated egos think that surely God doesn't wish us to be "stuck" at some desk doing something tedious or dull when we have all these gifts and desires!  It's a soapbox of mine.  Here's the deal: get over yourself.  (Oh yeah I'm saying this to me first and foremost.)  What if God DOES have you "stuck" at a desk doing something you think is tedious or dull but he knows it isn't in the big scheme of things?  See, our inflated egos lead to a restlessness that we say comes from God but really, the majority of the time, comes from our flesh.  In all the people God has ever called the ones that he has used in big and super noticeable ways has been very few compared to the ones he has used in unnoticeable ways.  Really.  So where are you at right now?  "Stuck" in your inflated ego that surely you aren't supposed to be doing whatever you are that makes you feel "stuck"?  Hear my heart, get over yourself and DO EVERYTHING to bring glory to God and shine with his grace!  That's gonna get you the "well done thou good and faithful servant" that you say you want to hear when all is said and done. 

Do Everything
The Story Behind re:creation (worth watching!  And those are his two sons playing with him!  They also have their own band which will end up on the experiment before all is said and done!)

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