Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For Monday, August 15: Happy Together

Oh my gosh.  The Nylons!  I totally forgot about them until my bestie, Jodi, thought I needed a little Nylons on the experiment!  She was SO right! 
I appreciate a good acapella group.  I appreciate the blend of harmony and melody.  I appreciate the sounds and noises that acapella groups can make with their throats, tongues, and whatever else.  My brother, Paul, sang in an acapella group in High School and did a show in College that was acapella.  Admittedly his performances in these groups made me appreciate the art of acapella so much more than I think I would have otherwise. 
The Nylons are still together and still performing around the world.  Many of the videos on YouTube are from 2010. 
Long live acapella! :)
Happy Together

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