Wednesday, August 10, 2011

For Sunday, August 7: Chariots of Fire Theme Song

"Today" my brother, Paul, participated in his second NYC Triathlon after completing in the past few years the NYC Half Marathon and The NYC Marathon twice!  We think he's crazy BUT we are SOOOOO proud of him!  I want him to do a bike race and he's mentioned a Century so we'll see...
I remember when I was a little girl we watched this movie on that new fangled thing called a VCR...I was amazed! The theme song has stuck with me all these years later, as I'm sure it has with many many many others.  And I, of course, always think of it in the context of running which explains why it's today's song.  Part of a Triathlon is running...I'm hoping you all knew that already - ha!  :) 
So today's song is dedicated to my amazing brother who also happens to be a new Daddy!  We are SO proud of you Paul! 

Chariots of Fire Theme Song

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