Monday, August 15, 2011

For Saturday, August 13: Breakdown

Jack Johnson is not new the music scene, unfortunately he is to me.  Now, fortunately, my siblings introduced him to me and so now I'm not so much out of the loop! :)
Johnson is one of those artists that if you aren't in the mood for music but some needs to be playing in your background he fits the bill.  And when you are in the mood he fits that as well!  Lucky for him I suppose.  :) 
This particular song makes me want to go sit on a shaded beach with a cold drink and a good book that I don't mind putting down from time to time to listen to the waves.  The song is kind of about that actually.  Wishing for a breakdown from something practical in order to get a break from life.  A breakdown of the other kind doesn't necessarily lend to a good break from life.  :) 
What kind of breakdown could you facilitate for your life in the next few days or weeks?  Don't forget, if we don't take breaks from life in whatever way soothes us then we will have one of those "other" breakdowns!  :) 


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