Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Do Something Nice Day
This is basically another "random acts of kindness" day so go out and be nice!

World Teachers' Day

At the heart of the educational system, teachers hold the keys to a better future for all. They are a powerful force for peace. By transmitting universal values such as human rights, respect, justice and cultural diversity, they help transform younger generations into global citizens of the 21st century. The chronic teacher shortage compromises our ability to deliver the human right to a quality education, the very foundation for lasting peace and sustainable development. (source)

Chronic shortage of teachers

“We face today a global learning crisis, with 250 million children not learning the basics...."

"A global shortage of teachers has pressured many countries into hiring educators with little or no training, undermining the educational progress of numerous school-age children around the world...."

World Habitat Day
World Habitat Day and the history behind it
Today is meant to promote awareness of the importance of ensuring that everybody has access to adequate shelter and accommodation worldwide.
Resources and activities for this day of awareness

Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day
The History of the B&B
Top 10 Wine Country Inns Worldwide
America's Best Romantic Inns
Quaint Yorkshire Bed and Breakfast named best in the world

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