Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 14, 2015

Be Bald and Free Day
Baldness: Types and Treatments
Hair's why I'm proud to be a baldie!
Bald Guys Rule
Hey people, how do you feel about baldness?

Pet Obesity Awareness Day
Obesity Facts & Risks
11 Facts About Pet Obesity
Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

World Maths Day
The History of World Maths Day
10 Resources for World Maths Day

Emergency Nurses Day
A Day in the Life of an Emergency Room Nurse

You know you’re an Emergency Nurse when:
  • You see stress as a normal way of life
  • Your idea of a good time is a code at shift change
  • You occasionally park in the space with the “Doctors Only” sign, and knock it over
  • You have recurrent nightmare of being hit and run over by a portable X-ray machine
  • You silently diagnose people as you walk through the shopping centre
  • Your most common assessment question is “what changed tonight to make it an emergency after 6 years?”
  • When checking the level orientation of your patients, you aren’t sure of the correct answer yourself
  • You have competitions with patients presenting with urinary retention, who has the largest bladder volume
  • Your sense of humour seems to get more “warped’ each year
  • You think transdermal meal patches would be a good idea
  • ‘IDC’s on leg bags for busy shifts’ is your idea of employee bonus
  • Your family members must have a fever over 40° or be missing a limb with active bleeding in order to receive your sympathy.
  • You believe the government should introduce a permit to be able to reproduce
  • You play poker by betting on ectopics on ECG strips
  • You believe “to stupid to die” should be a diagnosis
  • (source)

Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work and School Day
Seriously, what is up with this whole teddy bear thing? I'm lost on the fascination of teddy bears and including them in daily life activities.

Hagfish Day
14 Fun Facts About the Hagfish
Hagfish Slime: Biomaterial Of The Future?
EW! People eat these disgusting creatures! *GAG*

National Dessert Day
Well okay! If someone insists! :)
Treat Yourself: Eating Dessert at Breakfast Can Aid Weight Loss
Breakfast Sweets
The Best Desserts to Pack for Your Weekday Lunch
After-Dinner Delight: Quick and Easy Desserts
Bedtime Desserts: 15-Minute Desserts to Whip Up Before Bed

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