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November 2015

November is the eleventh month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and one of four months with the length of 30 days. November was the ninth month of the ancient Roman calendar. November retained its name (from the Latin novem meaning "nine") when January and February were added to the Roman calendar. November is a month of spring in the Southern Hemisphere and autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

World Vegan Month
A Brief History of Veganism
About The Vegan Diet
Vegan grocery list: Top 50 staples for a meat-free diet
Thinking about going Vegan?  Take this month to research and explore what a vegan lifestyle is. 
Transitioning to Vegan
The Animal-Free Diet: The Pros and Cons of Vegetarianism and Veganism

Aviation History Month
The Long and Interesting History of Aviation
Smithsonian Air & Space Museum If you get a chance to be in D.C. this is one museum that should not be ignored!  This is a great museum taking visitors through all the various stages of aviation.  It's one of my favorite places.

Child Safety Protection Month
Click on the link and you will be provided with the main topics for child safety and links to each one for more information.  Safety encompasses much more than car seats and bike helmets.  Take this month to refresh your memory and implement any safety practices you might not be practicing.

National Adoption Awareness Month
Believing that all children everywhere have nurturing, permanent families. 
Partnering with agencies, organizations, and foundations Adoption Awareness seeks to help both the adoptees and the adoptive parents.
Foster to Adopt Information 

National Epilepsy Month
The History of Epilepsy
Treatments for Epilepsy

National Model Railroad Month
The History of Model Trains
My Dad loves model trains. It has always been his idea to build them once he retires. It seems that all little boys grow up to be big boys who love model trains.

National Novel Writing Month
30 days. 50,000 words. 1,667 words a day.
That's NaNoWriMo Month.
It's a yearly challenge that aspiring authors and would be authors take on.  Sleep is minimal, socializing comes to a screeching halt, Facebooking increases as writer's block sets in, and distractions are more obvious.
I haven't done it yet. I want to, I just wonder what that means with a full time job I have to work.
Even if I don't get 50,000 words written in 30 days I will have more than I would have if I didn't try. There's lots of support out there for NaNoWriMo.
The Ultimate List of NaNoWriMo Tips (And this really is the ultimate list! She includes a ton of links to articles about preparing for NaNoWriMo)
5 tips to help you survive NaNoWriMo
I did it. I signed up. But life hasn't allowed me space to prepare for it and apparently you have to prepare for it like one does for running a marathon. So I'm going to shoot for next year. Anyone want to get crazy with me?  Click here.

Native American Heritage Month
A good majority of us have some Native American in us. I have some Cherokee, my hub has some Choctaw.
DNA test can resolve mystery over Native American heritage
Native American Genealogy: Reconnecting With Your American Indian Heritage
Native American Cultures
Uncle Sam’s shameful treatment of today's American Indians
Native American Poverty
Today's Challenges for the Native American Tribes
A pictorial: Here’s what life is like on an Indian reservation

Real Jewelry Month
What is the difference between real jewelry and costume jewelry?
How to Tell Costume Jewelry From Precious Jewelry

National Sleep Comfort Month
You're much less likely to toss and turn if you modify your sleep surface to accommodate your needs
Secrets to Sleep Better
37 Science-Backed Tips For Better Sleep Tonight
A good night’s sleep, just like proper diet and exercise, is essential to your mental, emotional and physical health.
6 soothing yoga poses to help you sleep
Try this 5-move yoga routine to relax your body and mind before sleep. The best part? Each pose can be done in bed!

Week 1: Chemistry
               Everyday Chemistry in the World around Us

Week 3: Game and Puzzle
               What's your favorite games and puzzles?  Have fun with them this week!


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Are things happening to you or are you making things happen?  The difference between the two has to do with belief in self and the willingness to simply ask or take a step forward. 
Today's #MakeItHappenMonday thoughts come straight from this article I ran across. 

I'm not good at making things happen, I am lazy - fearful - insecure and just wait for things to happen to me. Not ideal I know. In fact, if I want to live a life that just happens and invites me to participate every so often then my attitude is perfect! But when I hear myself complain about things happening to me then it's not so perfect after all is it?

You've probably said it before, and I'm sure you've had it said to you, "it doesn't hurt to ask." That's true if you are a person who makes things happen. But if you are a person - like me - who waits for things to happen then the asking seems out of line or fear inducing or something uncomfortable.

So what kind of person are you?…


I get accused of being stupid with some of the things I do. For example, one time I assembled these superhero packets...for adults. I put in a color-your-own mask, a power cuff (fine it was a bracelet but go with it), some motivating thoughts about what it takes to be a superhero, and a way to devise their own superhero name. I made the packets colorful and superhero-ish. I included a note about why they were getting the packet (hint - because they matter and they are superheroes). There were grumblings over how stupid I was to make the packets and hand them out. The thing is, I didn't just hand them out for the mere sake of being silly (although I don't think there is anything wrong with that) but I did it because I had a message I wanted the people to receive. A message I knew most of them needed to hear. I had a reason, I always have a reason.
Don't be shy about being thoughtful - even if you think it might come off as stupid. Just be thoughtful in some way, you won…


Let's talk about style. Not current fashion but those fashions we sported back in our younger days. You know those days - when we thought we looked G.O.O.D. *wink* 
In the spirit of the day here's a few photos of my stellar fashion sense back in my day. 
August 1983 - I LOVED this dress, I wore it a lot and I thought I was quite the cutie in it! 
I'm not just outing my fashion sense today but my brother's as well - look at his shorts and socks! Hahaha! And then there's me. I remember this outfit very well - I put a lot of thought into it. I was definately going through a pink phase - you can't see it here obviously but my entire bedroom was pink walls - as in bubblegum pink - along with white wallpaper that had pink hearts on it. This was in July 1986. 
Huh. I just noticed that with the posting of this picture and the two above there's a lot of pink. I must have liked it much more than I thought. To be fair this sweater I'm wearing in September of 1987…