Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 25, 2015

Mother-in-Law Day (MIL)
If you have a hard MIL how could you extend a kindness to her today?
If you have an awesome one how could bless her today?

Punk for a Day
The History of the Punk Subculture
The History of Punk Rock
The History of Punk Fashion

World Pasta Day
The History of Pasta
Shapes of Pasta
There are over 500 types of pasta!
You can't go too wrong with pasta; but some types pair better with certain sauces.

International Artists Day
Love me some art!  If you can get to an art museum today please do!

Here are some of my favorite artists - local, national, global.
Norman Rockwell

Ansel Adams
Cathedral Peak and Lake

Claude Monet
The Starry Night

Girl with the Pearl Earring

Andrew Wyeth
Wind from the Sea
Colleen Briggs
Sifted into Gold
Colleen is a personal friend and a beautiful artist.
Check out her pieces at
Fragments Of Light

Sourest Day
Instead of having and sharing a sour attitude why not instead make it a day to try and enjoy sour foods, candies, and drinks?
How Do You Change a Sour Attitude?

Check out these sour candies
The Most Sour Candy in the World
What is the most sour food in the world?
16 Healthy Sour And Bitter Foods
5 Satisfying Sour Cocktails

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