Saturday, October 17, 2015

October 17, 2015

Wear Something Gaudy Day
What do *you* mean gaudy?
I would say the most gaudy dresser of our time is probably Lady Gaga.
Other nominations?  :)

Mulligan Day
A Mulligan is a second chance, a "do over."
What would you like to do over? What would you like a second chance at? Today is the day to pursue that.
Today you can make a Mulligan Stew. Traditionally, mulligan stew was an improvised dish prepared by hobos with whatever food they could get, but it has gradually come to represent a variation of Irish beef stew, often served as a St. Patrick's Day main dish.
Here's some movies about second chances, a 1998 film and a 2013 TV Movie.

Bridge Day 
So apparently this day is really for the extreme sport of BASE jumping.  Which the thought of that makes me stomach hurt.  :)

So because I am a wimp and nowhere close to a risk taker I'm going to focus on the actual bridge today.
Bridges are amazing pieces of art constructed through modern engineering.
50 of the Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

Spreadsheet Day
My family loves spreadsheets. My Dad uses them to plan every family trip, one of my brothers planned his wedding with spreadsheets, my husband uses them for all sorts of things - financials, tracking work numbers, etc. My kindred is all about the spreadsheet, she once planned a camping trip on one and took it with her via her laptop to the store to grocery shop for the trip!
Spreadsheets are handy.  I've slowly grown to love them and use them more than I ever thought I would.
Are you familiar with the spreadsheet?  
Nine things everyone should know how to do with a spreadsheet
Learn Microsoft Excel

Sweetest Day
This holiday is primarily celebrated in the mid-west and isn't for just sweethearts, it's more for those who get overlooked - the elderly, orphans, the disenfranchised.
Save your teeth, and the teeth of others, and think of other ways to observe sweetest day, how can you sweeten up the day of others today?

Here's some simple and easy ideas to get you started:

  • Flowers for the elderly.  Why not deliver bunches of flowers at a nursing home or two? 
  • Make contact with a foster care organization and see what kind of special gift the kids would love to receive and donate it.  
  • Hand out some sack lunches to the homeless people you see in the parks and other places.  
  • Hand out flavored honey sticks to people, not just your sweetheart but anyone you come into contact with - share the sweetness!
  • Sweet Things To Say To Just About Anybody

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