Saturday, October 3, 2015

October 3, 2015

International Frugal Fun Day
59 Frugal Family Fun Ideas
Fifty Ways to Have Fun By Yourself on the Cheap
Frugal Living and Having Fun – Who Says You Can't Have Both?

Techies Day
Not only is today a great day to thank those techies in your life that help you function in the digital world but the purpose of today is also to bring awareness to the technology industry.
20 awesome gadgets and gift ideas for techies!
I adore this website, ThinkGeek

Virus Appreciation Day
I can't think of one virus that I could appreciate, you? The link suggests today would be better named Virus Awareness and Protection Day.  I concur. Instead of appreciating them, as if we have a reason to thank them for their existence, I would rather be aware of them and how to protect oneself from them!
The Download on Viruses
8 Historically Terrifying Viruses
Top Ten Most-Destructive Computer Viruses
The Glossary of Common Viruses
20 Common Types of Computer Viruses and Other Malicious Programs

Boyfriends Day
How awesome is your boyfriend? Mine is awesome.  I've had mine for over 20 years! Today is a great day to let your guy know how much you appreciate him and what he brings to your life.  I googled gift ideas and they were all centered on Valentines Day but they could work.  I found some unique ideas if you are in to buying something and some great handmade options as well.

Fill your boyfriends (husband or boyfriend) room with balloons and little notes sticking to the string.
When he gets home he'll see the first note on the ground "One balloon for..."
All of the notes on the balloons start with "every" or "every time you" etc.
Finish the thought with what you love or appreciate.
He will love it!

World Card Making Day
It's the thought that counts. Truly. So be brave, get out some art supplies, and make some cards for the people you love and appreciate!
Here's some tips to help:
Card Making BasicsCard Making Magic16 Creative Card-Making Ideas, Card Making Supplies

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