Friday, October 2, 2015

October 2, 2015

National Custodial Worker Day
These days this career is known by many names: Custodians, Janitors, Housekeepers, Cleaning Crews

These behind-the-scenes people do all the work you probably don't want to. They deserve our gratitude and our kindness for how they keep our schools, offices, and other places maintained. Maybe the custodial work happens after hours and you never see who empties your trash, vacuums your conference room, mops your classroom floors, cleans the bathrooms that TRUST ME get ridiculously disgusting, etc. So leave them a note of gratitude and maybe a gift thanking them for their good work.  Or maybe you see them throughout the day, take them out to lunch or bring in an afternoon treat for them!  Let them know their work doesn't go unnoticed.
Gift ideas: they are on their feet most of their days so how about some foot lotion, their hands take a beating with all the cleaning and maintenance work they do so how about some hand lotion, treat them with Starbuck or Sonic or some FroYo gift card, bake them something, how about an iTunes gift card so they can load up with music for while they clean.

Name Your Car Day
A Quarter Of All People Name Their Cars
One of four people name their car
Have you named your car?  I have not.  I haven't driven a car yet that I think is worthy of a name. One of my besties drives a Scion named Svetlana. Now that car was completely worth naming!

World Farm Animals Day
Compassion in World Farming
Many of the world's 60 billion farm animals are not treated humanely

Balloons Around the World Day
The Origin and History of Balloons

People, we have gone way beyond balloon animals!  It's amazing what can be done with balloons!

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