Monday, September 19, 2011

That's All Folks!

It's as if I stood at the tippy top of a humongous iceberg, lit a match, and watched to see if it would melt.  A drip formed.  A single, lonely drip in 365 days of holding that lit match. 
I realize as I roam throughout the rows and rows of music out there that I didn't even begin to melt the iceberg!  And that's okay.  My hope for the experiment ended up happening.  I exposed people to music I love and they exposed me to music they love.  I gained some new-to-me artists that are now staples on my playlists and I now am tuned in for continuing to broaden my playlist.  Like the other night on Facebook one of my besties, Stephanie, posted a song by The Head and The Heart (whom I have never heard of) and as I type this out I am listening to their music right now.  They never made it on the 365, they missed it by one day, but now that I'm tuned in they are gaining a spot on my playlist.  (Yes.  CHECK THEM OUT!!) 
365 days sounds long but it was the quickest 365 I've had.  I can look back at any one song featured and remember listening to it and writing about it as if it were yesterday.  That is the power of music.  It gives us memories, it becomes part of other memories, it can define our days, it gets weaved into the fabric of us.  Allow music to speak for you when you cannot, allow it to make a memory, allow it to heal, allow it to express.  Have fun with music and allow your horizon to broaden! 
And now, we've come to the end.  And it's only fitting to end with a song...

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