Friday, September 9, 2011

For Saturday, September 10: People Of Walmart

I had to do it.  HAD TO.  Reality compelled me to put this out there for those who haven't witnessed the train wrecks of Walmart.  C'mon.  It's funny because it's so unbelievable that people actually think this is okay to go out into public like *this*.  It all started with a few pictures snapped of some outrageously horrid outfits, or lack of in some cases, walking through the doors of Walmart.  It ballooned into this huge thing, having cult like following on the site. Face it, laughing at someone else's ridiculousness makes us feel pretty good about ourselves.  My brother watches Jersey Shore because it makes him feel like he is awesome compared to the idiots running around on that show!  And I confess.  When I go into Walmart with flip flops on, sweat shorts and a shirt thirteen sizes too big for me I'm thinking I'm pretty normal compared to some of the people who grace the aisles of the store.  Fess up, you've thought it too.  It was inevitable that someone was going to make a song to go with the pictures.  And today's song is just that.  So sit back, relax, get ready to have your jaw hit the floor in disbelief or have your drink fly out your nose because of laughter.  It's the People of Walmart...and Target is looking better all the time!  :)

People Of Walmart

And for further entertainment at the expense of others check out Cake Wrecks.  You will NOT believe what cake decorators across the land think is acceptable to sell to the masses!  It'll have you snorting your drink for sure! :) 

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