Thursday, September 1, 2011

For Monday, August 29: Hold Me Together

This is Royal Tailor's second appearance on the experiment.  Pretty good considering they are brand spanking new on the music scene.  I featured their other popular song "Make a Move" earlier this summer. 
I actually heard today's song first.  It played on the radio as I traveled home from work one night and I thought, "That is a great song!"  If you know me well then you know why I thought so...the lyrics, of course!!  :)
If you want the background on Royal Tailor then click here and pop over to my previous entry about them. 
"Hold Me Together" is that cry to God that we sometimes hear ourselves saying out loud.  C'mon.  You know there are days that you need someone or something to hold you together because you are just at the end.  Like today was for me.  By 7:30 am my day had gone to hell in a hand basket and I was so over the day!  Problem was it was just getting started!  I definitely needed some holding together by Mercy.  I was wondering if God's love really could and would redeem the day from hell.  :)  Okay.  I'm being a little dramatic because the reality is that I DO know that God's love was so in my day (although I admit I don't really see how but that's okay - just because you don't or can't see evidence of God's love doesn't mean it is absent or doesn't exist).  But still, it was a rough day and really the only "thing" holding me together was God.  Have you ever had a day or even life season like that?  Where you just were hoping that God and all he is was going to hold you together because you knew you weren't successful?  Here's the thing.  God can and will hold you together.  He trumps anything other kind of "glue" you might try!

Hold Me Together

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