Thursday, September 1, 2011

For Wednesday, August 31: Dad

It just so happens that I decide to do "Dad" for the experiment after doing "My Little Girl" yesterday.  :)  It's how the chips fell my friends.  Today's song, and artist for that matter, is courtesy of my friend Rick.  Yes, he's contributed many a song to this 365. 
Skip Ewing is an artist that I have NEVER heard of.  And I truly mean never.  This is what I love about doing the song 365, I am being at least clued in to so many new-to-me artists! 
So this song is about the title, Dad!  It's a tribute to Dad, it's a wish for more time with Dad, it's a realization of not enough moments spent with Dad.  For all the bad Dad's we hear about in this world there a million times more good ones.  If you have a good one count yourself blessed and make sure you tell him!  If you have a bad one I am so sorry.  I hope you know that you do have a good Dad in the One who created you, he is in fact your Abba. 


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