Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 365!! Your Grace Still Amazes Me

I think it's fitting that I end the year of music in a similar way as I started it, with God's Amazing Grace.  Yes, today's song isn't a hymn per se.  But it prompts the same thoughts, feelings, and action that hymns do.  And, after all, the definition of the word "hymn" is a song of praise to God and a song of praise or joy so really today's last song fits right in with the hymns I have been featuring the past year. 
His grace still amazes me.  And actually it amazes me more and more as I age.  As I physically age and as I spiritually age I cannot really stand in awe of his amazing grace but rather it brings me to my knees in gratitude and humility.  The grace of God is the only way I know of, the only thing I have seen, the only covering that gets the job done when we are in need of covering.  It is deeper, stronger, wider, and higher than anything our minds could come up with for comparison.  His grace.  It IS amazing indeed.  Amazing amazing grace. 

Your Grace Still Amazes Me
Thanks for journeying the past 365 days with me to discover, and re-discover, the power of music and to discover, and re-discover, those groups and artists who share the power of music with us! 
(Hang on for another day or two and I'll wrap this thing up with some fun stats and the conclusion of the experiment as I see it!) 

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