Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My bestie, Jodi, loves Whiteheart.  I texted her just now and said, "Quick!  Your most fave Whiteheart song ever!"  And her response became today's featured song/band.  :) 
Whiteheart was a Christian rock band from back in the day.  They formed after Stryper had had their heyday and Petra had been around for awhile.  My hub loved Whiteheart too.  Me?  I was never into them as much.  I certainly know their music though because back in the day there was a limited amount of decent Christian music and so Whiteheart got played a lot!  Sometimes I think back (way back - haha!) to when I was in High School and the Christian radio station was basically elevator music with some Smitty and Amy Grant thrown in from time to time.  (Smitty would be Michael W Smith...) So you can imagine that when groups like Whiteheart hit the scene lots of high schoolers who were forbidden to listen to that devil music played on the secular radio stations heaved a huge sigh of relief!  :) 
Powerhouse is a message about the house of God and the importance of prayer as a Body.  If all of those terms make you scratch your head and go "whhhat?" then contact me personally and I'll be glad to give you the lowdown.  I read the lyrics and think, wow.  If Whiteheart thought things were dire back in 1990 (when the song was written/performed) then what must they think now because things are about, oh, a gazillion times worse than they were in 1990!  So much has happened since then that prompts the NEED for prayer.  There is power in prayer.  Hey don't shoot the messenger, I'm just repeating what has been proven in studies and through personal experience.  And when God's people gather together in prayer they become a powerhouse.  Community, united, is a powerful force that usually cannot be reckoned with. 
Who or what do you look to for power? 


Power of Prayer Scientific Studies:
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