Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9, 2015

Techno Day
Coming out of Detroit, Michigan here's the history of Techno Music

When you listen to techno you gotta throw your hands up in the air! (or so I'm told, ha!)

The Top 100 Techno Artists

Christmas Card Day
If you do Christmas cards and haven't sent them out yet then today could be your day to get it done!
How did this tradition begin?
7 Tips for Proper Etiquette When Sending Christmas Cards
5 Great Reasons to Send out Christmas Cards
The do's and don'ts of sending holiday cards
Do you send holiday cards? I used to send ones in December from our family but a few years ago I switched to sending out a 'new year's' one.

National Pastry Day
What is a pastry?
How many kinds of pastries are there anyway?!
Bring on the pastries! I love them. My mouth waters just thinking of them. When I go to Epcot I like to eat my way through the countries and in France I insist on getting a pastry.  YUM!
If you have time, try making your own pastries.  

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