Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015

National Brownie Day
The Origin of the Brownie
The Classic Brownie Recipe
Spicy Caramel Brownie Recipe
Samoa Brownie Recipe
Irish Coffee Brownie Recipe  
Liquid brownies for adults only: Chocolate Brownie MartiniBelgian Brownie Drink

Think outside the box: The Folklore Brownie

Take it in the Ear Day

Click on the link and you'll see that this day is kind of an unknown as to what it means!
So I might as well take the opportunity and do some ear education. :)

The Ear: Function, etc
Ear Disorders
The Anatomy of Hearing and Balance
What You Need To Know About Ear Wax
My hub works for Westone, a company that is dedicated to amplifying hearing and protecting it at the same time. So in our home we have some awesome ear/hearing protection. Protecting your hearing is super important, here are some tips.

Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day
The concept of time travel
Is time travel possible?
The 40 Best Time Travel Movies & Series
7 Time Travel Books that Aren't Science Fiction
10 People Who Claimed To Be Time Travelers

Some of my favorite time travelers...

Actually I love, am obsessed actually, with the book series and just this past year Starz made it into a television series. Here's the trailer for that. And here's all about the book series, which I love! 

My youngest daughter's favorite time traveler is Dr. Who!

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