Saturday, December 26, 2015

December 26, 2015

Boxing Day
The History of Boxing Day
Just like most other observances or holidays that started off with charity, Boxing Day has morphed from charity to just another day of after Christmas sales and vacation. Sigh.
But I really, really like the original intent of Boxing Day so that's what I am going to focus on!

Thank You Note Day

Thank You Notes: Social Must or Time Suck Bust?
Is the Thank-You Card Obsolete?
How about you? What are your thoughts on the 'thank you card', still relevant?

Candy Cane Day
Candy Canes are delicious.  I would chew on them year round.
The Invention and History of Candy Canes
I'm also a purist when it comes to candy canes. Peppermint is the only acceptable flavor choice in my opinion.  :)

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