Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

Pearl Harbor Day
The Attack on Pearl Harbor
Watch the movie Pearl Harbor (although I don't know how historically accurate it is!)
Five myths about Pearl Harbor

Letter Writing Day
A website dedicated to handwritten letters and all the emotions they instil
Not confident of your own handwriting but want to send handwritten letters?  Check out this service!
Handwritten Notes Are a Rare Commodity. They’re Also More Important Than Ever.
This Gift Lasts Forever and You Can Afford It Last year I handwrote 40 letters/notes to people in my life. I had to split it up over the course of several days because my hand isn't used to writing that much anymore!  But I believe that my note meant more for precisely that reason - it was handwritten.

National Cotton Candy Day
How Cotton Candy Works (it's kind of gross!)
How a Dentist Popularized Cotton Candy (yes, a dentist!)
15 Little Known Facts About Cotton Candy
Cotton candy has different names in different countries. It is also known as candy floss, fairy floss, papa’s beard, sugar thread, and old woman’s hair. (source)

International Civil Aviation Day
The function of ICAO
It is annually observed to raise awareness of the importance of international civil aviation and the role that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) plays in international air transport. The organization is a United Nations (UN) body responsible for developing international standards for aviation safety.

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