Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 31, 2015

Make Up Your Mind Day
It's no mistake that today focuses on making up your mind.  
To resolve or not for the new year? Or as we celebrated at the beginning of this year, to commit or not? 
Sometimes when I am having trouble making up my mind I just make a decision and trust it will all turn out okay.  In fact, earlier this year I even wrote about decision-making, click here to read those thoughts. 

New Year's Eve
Saying goodbye to the old to usher in the new.
There needs to be no explanation for this day.  We all know what it is.
The most popular song to be played and/or sung on this day is Auld Lang Syne, but why? 

Unlucky Day
Well if you are unlucky today the consolation is that it's last time you will be for this year. :) 

No Interruptions Day
I will say this is a great day to get stuff done at the office if you are looking to be productive. But I think I'll stay home and read, that shouldn't be interrupted either!  *wink*

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