Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 13, 2015

International Children's Day
There are many days set aside for children it seems. I say that's okay! Children should be recognized and celebrated, they are after all the upcoming generation of 'movers and shakers.'  According to the link, this particular day is specifically a partnership between UNICEF and the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
Children's Rights
Promoting the Human Rights of Children
A list of children's rights organizations around the world

Ice Cream Day
We've talked about ice cream a few times already this year. I say bring it on!  I love ice cream! Our family is a big ice cream family. My Dad has a bowl almost every night. On any given day there is a minimum of 4 different kinds in his freezer.  :)  And when we do road trips it is an "Ashley Family Requirement" that we stop at Dairy least once if not more!
This time of year my absolute favorite ice cream is Peppermint.
I'll have a bowl today to celebrate!  What about you?

Violin Day
If you think Violin is boring or a bit on the quiet side then think again. Linsay Stirling has made it kick ass. Check this out:

The Origin and History of the Violin
Top 20 Violinists The greatest virtuosi

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day 
If you have lost a child to death today is a day to remember them along with all others who have lost a child as well.  The remembrance is 'hosted' by The Compassionate Friends.
Light a candle today at 7 pm your time and spend an hour reflecting on the legacy your child has left for you to carry on. And friend? If you are remembering a lost child today my prayers are with you.

World Choral Day
An international choral event to extol the values of solidarity, peace and understanding!
Find out if there's an event near you
Here's one of many groups from many countries that participated last year
I LOVE large choirs.  I love hearing all the voices blend together.

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