Friday, November 6, 2015

November 6, 2015

Saxophone Day
The History of the Saxophone
10 facts about the saxophone and its players
The ten best saxophonists of all time

Nachos Day
The Invention of Nachos
I personally think it is very obvious how one should celebrate this day. :)
I love me some nachos, especially the loaded ones that make a meal.
In case you need some inspiration or ideas on how to make some rockin' nachos here are some recipes for you.
You can eat nachos for every meal today!  Have nachos for breakfast, for lunch and dinner, and even dessert nachos!

Marooned Without a Compass Day
How's your sense of direction without a map? Even with a map I'm lost so a compass does me little good as well!
Today seems to be a literal interpretation of having no map and compass when hiking, camping, sailing, etc.  But let's take it out of its literal box, shall we? :)
How's your sense of moral direction without a map and/or compass?  It's foolish to think we can travel a moral life without some sort of guide.  We will most certainly get lost.
Assess your moral compass with the help of this site dedicated to morality. 
Morality is considered to be the basis of character and is wrapped around ethics.

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