Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 28, 2015

French Toast Day
The History of French Toast
Classic French Toast Recipe
French Toast Casserole Recipe
A variety of french toast recipes

Small Business Saturday
The Launch of Small Business Saturday
Feed your local economy by patronizing your local businesses for your purchases this season and actually every season!
Oftentimes the thoughtful and unique gift you are looking for is found in the local small businesses in your community, not at the big box stores. Shop local!
Small Business Saturday: What Shoppers and Businesses Should Know

Buy Nothing Day
Well this particular holiday is in contradiction to the above Small Business Saturday so it presents a bit of a conundrum. Maybe "buy nothing" could mean buy nothing at the big box stores? I'm trying to make this work for everyone okay? :)
5 Great Reasons to Celebrate International Buy Nothing Day Instead of Black Friday
Buy Nothing Day? There must be a better way to protest

Make Your Own Head Day
What a CRAZY day!  But fun! Have fun with this day, learn to laugh at yourself and have fun with yourself! Here's some ideas and tips on how to make your own head:
Make your own head as Picasso would!
How To Make Your Own Giant Papercraft Head
Big Head Cutouts
Be creative, grab some paper, colors, sculpting clay, or some other media and create your head!

Red Planet Day
Mars, the "Red Planet", is named after the Roman god of war because it commonly appears with a reddish tinge when viewed in our sky
Mars Exploration
Human Settlement on Mars (say what?!)
Ultimate Reality TV: A Crazy Plan for a Mars Colony
Mars Facts: Life, Water and Robots on the Red Planet
Growing greens on the Red Planet
The Martian Chroniclers: A new era in planetary exploration

You're Welcome Day
Uh. I disagree, how do you feel about this? Why You Shouldn't Say 'You're Welcome'
Your Welcome? or You’re Welcome?
You're Welcome: A Gift Guide For All of Life's Awkward Occasions 

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