Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Traffic Directors Day
Traffic Directors are a rarity in the U.S. You'll see them in the large cities, like NYC, but otherwise they are not a common sight on this side of the world.

If you are going to direct traffic you might as well have fun with it!  

What is more common here in the U.S. are school crossing guards and I don't believe they have been recognized this year so I'm going to make this day about school crossing guards.  Stop by with a warm drink and thank them for helping to keep our kiddos safe as they walk and ride to school.
The paddle-ful history of America’s crossing guards

Job Action Day
Are you unhappy in your job or career?  Use today as a catalyst to make a change!
The Ten Keys to Success at Job and Career Fairs
What Career Is Right For Me? Take this free assessment
The 2 Biggest Reasons You Can’t Decide on a Career Direction
How I Figured Out What I Wanted To Do With My Life

Deviled Egg Day
The Ancient History of Deviled Eggs
Best Deviled Egg Recipes

All Soul's Day
All Souls Day: Remembering the Holy Souls in Purgatory

Look For Circles Day
About circles

Circles in Everyday Objects

Circles in Architecture

Circles in Nature

Circles in Art

When I was younger I had Spirograph, I loved it! Look at all the fun things you can do with circles.  :)

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