Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 17, 2015

Homemade Bread Day
Basic Homemade Bread Recipe
I love making bread from scratch, I love watching the dough come together, I love the feel of the dough, I love the smell filling the house, I looooove the taste.  :)

Entrepreneurship Day
What is Entrepreneurship? 
Resources the start, run, and grow your business
EO is the only global network exclusively for entrepreneurs. EO helps leading entrepreneurs learn and grow through peer-to-peer learning, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and connections to experts.
30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014
What Do Entrepreneurs Contribute to Society?
Famous Entrepreneurs: Who They Are And How They Were Educated

Take a Hike Day
So, here's the deal.  I hate hiking. I won't bore you with all the reasons why. Don't judge. There's something I like that you don't, we can have different things! :)
American Hiking Society
20 Great American Hikes
Day Hiking Checklist
Combine your hike with a nature scavenger hunt and/or some geocaching

Unfriend Day
It's National Unfriend Day Charlie Brown

Clean up your Facebook page, don't keep people out of weird obligations! I discovered this past year that someone unfriended me when I realized I hadn't seen anything from her world in a few days. It was someone I didn't expect to unfriend me but you know what? That's okay. That person had their reason.  Just as I have my reasons when I unfriend people. Is it personal? Sometimes. But sometimes it isn't, sometimes it is just because we weren't really friends in the first place.
But before you, or I, go on an unfriending spree here's a few things to consider.
6 important questions to ask yourself for National UnFriend Day
7 things to consider before Facebook unfriending

International Student Day
The Origin of International Student Day

Petroleum Day
An introduction to Petroleum
US poised to become world’s leading liquid petroleum producer
Petroleum Products
What are the health effects of exposure to petroleum products?
Petroleum and Cosmetics: What are the potential health risks?
Why Vaseline Is Bad For You, And What You Should Use Instead

World Peace Day
May the people on this planet be changed.
Changed from hatred to love,
Changed from greed to giving,
Changed from selfishness to selflessness,
Changed from apathy to action,
Changed from jealousy to joy over someone's accomplishments,
Changed from intolerance to acceptance,
Changed from being destructive to being constructive,
Changed from fighting to peace,
Changed from killing to protecting life,
Changed from censorship to freedom,
Changed from ignorance to education,
Changed from fearing our differences to rejoicing our variety.

May we each take it upon ourselves to feed the hungry, cure the sick,
house the homeless, educate the illiterate, love the unloved,
compete to do the right thing instead of winning at any cost,
make heros that teach our children to
make the world a better place instead of glorifying violence and war,
stand up and speak out against things that are wrong
instead of sitting back and waiting for someone else,
demand honesty from our governments,
demand honesty from ourselves.

May we each take responsibility for our own actions
and realize that by refusing to change ourselves,
we condone all the evils in the world.
If one person changes they teach others by example,
who in turn change and teach more,
one person becomes as a pebble rolling down a mountain,
picking up more pebbles as it continues,
becoming an avalanche of change.
It can happen, it must happen, it will happen.

To make this prayer work, you have to change yourself.

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