Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 5, 2015

Be Late for Something Day
Um. Every day I'm late for something so maybe today should be, for me, be on time for something day!  Ha!

Franchise Appreciation Day
First of all, what exactly is franchising?
The Benefits of the Franchise Model
What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a franchise?
Instead of listing businesses that are franchises, it would probably be easier to list ones that aren't!  And since I don't want to do either *grin* here's a list of franchise industries.

International Day of Charity
Designated as a day to pay tribute to the work of Mother Teresa, this day is meant to inspire us to continue works and acts of charity.  On this day in 1997 Mother Teresa breathed her last but left quite a legacy, a beautiful legacy, behind.

Blessed Mother Teresa
Watch a movie about her life, Madre Teresa
Top 10 Mother Teresa Quotes To Inspire You Today
The Faith of Mother Teresa

Cheese Pizza Day
Basic Cheese Pizza

International Vulture Awareness Day
Apparently the Vulture is a fascinating bird. Uh, okay?   They creep me out. Probably because of the introduction I had to vultures through Disney, The Jungle Book and Robin Hood. Creepy vultures. *shudder*

World Beard Day
World Beard Day Facts
The 10 absolute best things about having a beard

Beard Care. If you are going to go for the beard then please take care of it! Check out these different beard care products: Beardbrand, Badass Beard Care, Smoky Mountain Beard Co., and so many more!

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