Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 13, 2015

Defy Superstition Day
What are Superstitious Beliefs? - Why do People Believe in Superstitions?
25 Most Popular Superstitions Around The World
38 odd superstitions about food, brooms, the body, and more!
Do you have a superstition? Put it in its place today!

Fortune Cookie Day
Make Your Own
Write Your Own Fortune Slips
Online Fortune Cookies are calorie free!

National Peanut Day

The peanut is not a nut! It's part of the legume family. And this year we've talked a lot about peanuts, peanut butter. So today I would like to talk about the other kind of peanut I love...

The Peanuts Gang

A Brief History of Peanuts
20 Things You Didn't Know About Charles Schulz

Positive Thinking Day (additional information)
Say Goodbye to Negativity and Hello to Positive Thinking Day
6 Tricks To Becoming A More Positive Thinker
Benefits of Positive Thinking

Uncle Sam Day 
United States nicknamed Uncle Sam
This image was first used in 1813

It was, according to its creator, the most famous poster in the world.

National Pet Memorial Day
This is the cookbook I had as a kid.
I loved it!  I used it too! 
Honoring Your Pet's Memory

Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day
Ideas for Getting Your Kids Into the Kitchen
Kids in the Kitchen: 10 Most Famous Kid Critics and Cooks

Roald Dahl Day 
First of all, it's not Ronald - it's Roald!  mind.blown.
The Official Roald Dahl Website - get inspired and get creative!

Grandparents Day
I heart my Grandparents. I was fortunate enough to have a long and deep relationship with all 4 of them. In fact, my own children were fortunate to have a relationship with them as well.  It really has meant so much to our families that we have been able to have these relationships.

My Grandpa Wells & I, 1974
My Grandma Ashley & I, 1974

My Grandpa Ashley & I, 1974
My Grandma Wells & I, 1974

Whether the Grandparents in your life are blood or "adopted" make sure you take some time today to thank them for how they have invested into your life and been a part of it.
This is not a holiday invented to sell cards and flowers, it's a day for young and old to honor each other, and an opportunity for civic engagement for all generations.

Programmers' Day
What does a programmer do?
Types of Computer Programmers
The Stress Of Being A Computer Programmer Is Literally Driving Many Of Them Crazy
Programmers: Please don't ever say this to beginners ...

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