Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 12, 2015

Video Games Day
Play some games!
My brothers and I were so excited the day we got an Atari.  Pac Man, Space Invaders, Pong
From there my brothers graduated to various Nintendo systems and beyond. I stepped out of the video gaming world when I couldn't past a specific level on the Original Mario, who has time for that kind of frustration?!
We bought a Wii a couple of years back for our redheads and us.  I will play Disc Golf, Bowling, and Mario Kart. No, I'm not good at any of them but we have a good time!

Chocolate Milk Shake Day 
How to Make a Milkshake, it's easier than you think!
For adults only: Bailey's Chocolate Milkshake
For adults only: Boozy Chocolate Milkshake
Peanut Butter Chocolate Milkshake
Chocolate Banana Milkshake

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