Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015

Make a Hat Day
There are so many different kinds of hats!  Pick one from these templates and make your own.
Winter is coming, why not hold a hat drive and donate hats for the homeless to your local rescue mission?

Felt Hat Day
Wow. This is a lot of felt hats.  

Greenpeace Day
Get involved
‘How to Change the World’ Traces the Birth of Greenpeace

Get Ready Day
Today focus on emergency preparedness.  Don't be someone who thinks, "That will never happen to me." Make a plan with your family for fire evacuation, flooding, whatever might be a possibility in your city/state.  Create a car kit for the winter. Be informed. Make a plan. Build a kit. Get involved.

International Dot Day

Listen to the book that inspired the day.  The Dot by Peter Reynolds

Get Involved! 
Make Your Mark...It Matters!
Explore your creative side during Dot Day!

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