Sunday, July 31, 2011

For Saturday, July 30: Golden Years

David Bowie is finally making an appearance on the 365, thanks to my friend Misty!  :)  I'm not a Bowie fan AT ALL.  He was always a bit too weird for me and I never got into his music BUT plenty of people did! :)  I will say that obviously the man has "some" talent or he wouldn't have lasted as long as he has.  Misty shot this song my way as a fave of hers. 
What is it about the Brit's?  They have a strange sense of humor, sense of style, sense of, well, self!  And maybe that's why, outside of The Beatles, I'm usually not a fan of any British artists.  Bowie is no exception except he is a brilliant (ha, that's a word they use all the time in England and surrounding areas!) artist.  Like I said above, he has something or else he wouldn't have lasted so long. 
I listened to today's song, I read the lyrics.  It's okay. Not my fave but it doesn't have to be!  I think (?) from reading the lyrics that the song is about a fear of dying and to not be afraid but to just live the golden years.  I think?!?  Regardless. For you Bowie fans today's song is sure to be a treat! 
Thanks Misty for the song suggestion! :) 

Golden Years

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