Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 27, 2015

"The Dutchess Who Wasn't" Day
Books penned by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, aka The Dutchess

Burger Day
A burger doesn't have to be made just from ground beef. Try chicken, turkey, buffalo, veggie patties, what else do you like to make into a burger?
I'm a fan of the burger myself.  Our family likes Red Robin a lot and they have great burgers of all kinds. In fact just thinking about them is making my mouth water. Red Robin...YUMMMMMM.
(You are not going to regret clicking on that link!)

Make your own today using one of these recipes - branch out and try a different kind!

Global Forgiveness Day
Forgiveness is one of the most powerful experiences for both the forgiver and the forgivee.  So on this day of global forgiveness I encourage you to watch these videos about the importance and power of forgiveness. They say all the things I would anyway!
The Science of Happiness - Forgive and Forget
The Science of Happiness - Forgive and Forget | The Phone Call
A Story about Forgiveness
The power of forgiveness
Corrie Ten Boom, "How to Forgive"

Do you need to extend forgiveness today to someone?

Just Because Day
Today is a day to do whatever you want...just because!
Why not make someone's day by treating them just because?!
I love the idea of just because.  It doesn't need to be a birthday or an anniversary or anything like that. You can celebrate people just because!

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