Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 12, 2015

Middle Child's Day
Are you a middle child?  Do you feel the 'middle child syndrome' often talked about?
My brother is a middle child and I am really certain he has never felt invisible or ignored!  But I know others who have.  How real is middle child syndrome?
24 Reasons The Middle Child Is (By Far) The Coolest Child
The Secret Powers of Middle Children
Famous Middle Children

Vinyl Record Day  
I'm so old that I listened to LOTS of music on vinyl records before they went the way of the antique! I had a record player and loved listening to my Dad's Swing music albums, The Beach Boys, and Reader's Digest Christmas Albums on vinyl. My parents also had a pretty large '45 collection and they had bought us kids various books on record etc to listen to.  So much of my childhood has memories of music and stories from spinning the vinyl.  How about you? Did you ever get to listen to vinyl records?
The History of Vinyl Records
Dreams of Vinyl

International Youth Day
The Timeline and History of Youth Day
Investing in the future of our youth
Youth matters: invest in young people to build a better future
Join in the debate: Do you think we invest enough in the youth and their future?
Investing in Our Youth and Making a Difference

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