Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015

Bad Poetry Day
Here's some bad poems for your enjoyment

Mail Order Catalog Day
The History of Mail Order
The History of the Mail Order Catalog
Catalogs Around the World
Flipping Through History: Online Retailers Owe Popularity And Tax Treatment To Mail Order Catalogs
I have really fond memories of mail order catalogs from back in my younger days. Everyone would get the same department store catalogs in the mail and each Fall my brothers and I would sit down with pencil and paper and comb through all the catalogs. We would carefully list item and page number for things we wanted from each store and then send those lists to our grandparents for Christmas gift ideas!  I loved those catalogs!

You know what is crazy?!  I remember looking through these actual catalogs!
Talk about a flashback! 

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