Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 19, 2015

Photography Day
History of Photography and the Camera
A Photography Timeline
National Geographic Image Collection
10 best photography tips for beginners
A Beginner’s Guide To Photography

Aviation Day
Aviation History from Airplanes to Airports
6 Ways to Celebrate National Aviation Day
Hey Adults, Sip on an Aviation Cocktail

World Humanitarian Day
concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare.
"groups sending humanitarian aid"
synonyms: compassionate, humane; unselfish, altruistic, generous, magnanimous, benevolent, merciful, kind, sympathetic
antonyms: selfish
denoting an event or situation that causes or involves widespread human suffering, especially one that requires the large-scale provision of aid.
"human rights groups have warned of a worsening humanitarian crisis"
noun: humanitarian; plural noun: humanitarians
a person who seeks to promote human welfare; a philanthropist.
synonyms: philanthropist, altruist, benefactor, patron, social reformer, good Samaritan; do-gooder; archaicphilanthrope

The Seven Greatest Humanitarians In History, to compliment this spot on list of humanitarians why not watch a movie about one of them?  It's a hard movie to watch but it is also a very beautiful story. It proves, in my opinion, that beauty does come from ashes. 

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