Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 11, 2015

Presidential Joke Day
10 Jokes Told By Presidents
More Jokes Told By Presidents
Some presidents actually have a keen sense of humor

Son and Daughter Day
As a parent I make sure that each and every day I am letting my daughters know how special they are, how much I love them, etc.  I know a bunch of parents and they all do the same with their children. So, I don't get this day. Shouldn't every day be son and daughter day?!

Play in the Sand Day 
If you are in a landlocked state consider playing with a Zen Garden! If sand makes you squirm a bit, like it does me, then a great fun alternative is Kinetic Sand or Magic Sand.
8 Reasons Why Playing in the Sand Is Good for Kids

Ingersoll Day
Who was "The Great Agnostic"? 

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