Monday, April 23, 2012

Resistance vs. Likelihood

Man may choose the path of least resistance but God chooses the path of least likelihood.  Ann Voskamp

This quote hits me right between the eyes.  The truth of it pierces.  We want it easy, comfortable, unhindered and that is usually not the way God picks.  If you are a Christian and someone told you when you decided to accept the gift Jesus offers that life would be "great" and "wonderful" and perhaps even "easy" from that moment on you were lied to.  Seriously!  We learn nothing, we gain nothing by being on the path of least resistance.  It is wading through unlikely circumstances that we grow in our character, faith, and values.  Where I am most aware of this statement is when I speak to other people.  I have found myself being more careful about saying things like, "God would never ask that of you" or "God doesn't want you to struggle" etc because the reality is that what seems impossible (i.e. least likely) is probably exactly the way God will direct "you" or I to travel!  Be careful my friends - don't try to fashion God according to your comfort levels but instead allow yourself to be oriented to him.  

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