Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24, 2015

Cousins' Day
Reach out and say hello to your cousins today!

Tell an Old Joke Day
Oldest Known Joke
The World's Ten Oldest Known Jokes

What's your favorite old joke that still makes you laugh?

Tequila Day
What is Tequila?
Tequila Drinks that aren't Margaritas 
But if you love a good Margarita...
Songs about Tequila, but the most famous one is...
Tequila by The Champs

It's a classic song that has been used in more soundtracks, shows, backgrounds, etc. It's even been remixed a bit...

Drive-Thru Day
The History of the Drive-Thru (Through)
What drive-thru's do you use?  I use fast food/beverage places, prescription refills, banking.
What is the strangest drive-thru you have ever seen or heard of?  What's the strangest one you have ever used?

Amelia Earhart Day
The Official Amelia Earhart Website
For 78 years people have been trying to figure out what happened and where Earhart might have disappeared.  Last October a promising clue seemed to be confirmed as part of Earhart's plane.
Can imaging help locate Earhart?

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