Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

Memorial Day
The History of Memorial Day
How have, why have, we moved from honoring those who have served this nation and given their lives for our freedoms to grilling out and playing sports?
Did you know (chances you don't since I didn't) that on Memorial Day there is supposed to be a national moment of remembrance at 3 pm local time?  Does anyone do this?

National Missing Children's Day
Help Keep Hope Alive for Families

Tap Dance Day
The History of Tap Dance
International Tap Association
Fred Astaire said this was perhaps the best tap dance ever recorded...

Back in my day I loved the tap of Gregory Hines...

And today tap continues to be relevant and impressive...

End the day by watching the movie Tap with Gregory Hines.
The 10 Best Tap Dance Scenes In Film

Towel Day
I personally love this particular observation.  If you know me well and for a rather long time you may remember that I have a "thing" about towels.  I used to travel with them until one summer my brother Paul put a stop to it (and I couldn't take 15 towels to Africa with me plus all my clothes).  Now I will leave my own towels at home and use others but I must have a new one everyday, it's really difficult for me to use the same one two days in a row (or more) but I will do it if I have to!  :)
The other memory about towels that always sticks with me is my Mom. She used to carry a hand towel with her everywhere she went and put it down on the seat before sitting so she wouldn't stick to the chair!  As a kid I thought it was weird, as an adult I've thought about doing it myself - ha!

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