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June 2015

From Junius, Latin for the goddess Juno

Camping Month
Locate a new to you or favorite campground
In case you are wondering my idea of camping is staying at a motel and not hotel.  *wink*

Candy Month
17 Ways to Celebrate National Candy Month (did we really need ideas?!)

Country Cooking Month
Country Cooking isn't just about butter and sugar or being a rural resident. :)

Soul Food Month
What is Soul Food?
Soul Food Recipes

Iced Tea Month
The variety of iced teas made and served in the world today is astounding, try a new one or drink your favorite this month! Or start to celebrate tea year round with a subscription to a tea of the month club.

Great Outdoors Month
Go Outside...I won't be but you can!  *wink*

Dairy Month 
All you ever want or need to know about dairy from the National Dairy Council

Turkey Lovers Month
That's right, June not November is turkey lovers month!  Crazy right?!

Rose Month

The Rose Garden at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs, CO

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
Visit your local Farmers Markets for fresh fruits and veggies and to support your local farmers.

National Adopt a Cat Month
I'm allergic but if you aren't maybe a furry companion would be a good consideration.

National Accordion Awareness Month
OH MY WORD!  Accordian has come a loooooooooong way since the days of polka.
Here's a cover of one of my favorite songs...amazing!
On YouTube search for Accordian Cover Songs and prepare to be blown away!
The Largest Accordion Website in the World
One of my favorite deep thinkers and on-air talents, Brant Hansen, has been a big advocate for the accordian.  He's brought back the love for them. *wink*

Gay Pride Month
What is straight?  A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it's curved like a road through mountains.  ~Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire, 1947

Fight the Filthy Fly Month
Stock up on fly swatters and take care of these disgusting insects!

National Zoo and Aquarium Month
This month is a great time to visit your local zoo and aquarium or make sure you visit one in the area you vacation in - even in another country!

Week 1: Fishing
              Have fun out there, I'm going to decline participating in this activity. *wink*

Week 2: Email
              Take this week to get a handle on your personal and/or work email.  Unsubscribe from daily/weekly emails, delete unnecessary emails, create folders and organize your inbox, draw boundaries as needed, etc. You won't believe how much better you will feel!


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Are things happening to you or are you making things happen?  The difference between the two has to do with belief in self and the willingness to simply ask or take a step forward. 
Today's #MakeItHappenMonday thoughts come straight from this article I ran across. 

I'm not good at making things happen, I am lazy - fearful - insecure and just wait for things to happen to me. Not ideal I know. In fact, if I want to live a life that just happens and invites me to participate every so often then my attitude is perfect! But when I hear myself complain about things happening to me then it's not so perfect after all is it?

You've probably said it before, and I'm sure you've had it said to you, "it doesn't hurt to ask." That's true if you are a person who makes things happen. But if you are a person - like me - who waits for things to happen then the asking seems out of line or fear inducing or something uncomfortable.

So what kind of person are you?…


Let's talk about style. Not current fashion but those fashions we sported back in our younger days. You know those days - when we thought we looked G.O.O.D. *wink* 
In the spirit of the day here's a few photos of my stellar fashion sense back in my day. 
August 1983 - I LOVED this dress, I wore it a lot and I thought I was quite the cutie in it! 
I'm not just outing my fashion sense today but my brother's as well - look at his shorts and socks! Hahaha! And then there's me. I remember this outfit very well - I put a lot of thought into it. I was definately going through a pink phase - you can't see it here obviously but my entire bedroom was pink walls - as in bubblegum pink - along with white wallpaper that had pink hearts on it. This was in July 1986. 
Huh. I just noticed that with the posting of this picture and the two above there's a lot of pink. I must have liked it much more than I thought. To be fair this sweater I'm wearing in September of 1987…


Today's feelings are the ones we feel but can't name. For example...

The english language lacks the adjectives that the range of human emotion actually covers. All other languages have multiple meanings for human emotions like love, anger, sadness, etc. And in those different meanings we find more apt descriptions of what we each feel every day. In fact, Forbes published an article about this last year. 
So the next time you are feeling something but can't figure out a word for it just know that there may be a word out there after all. Google the feeling and see what word pops up!