Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 6, 2015

Yo-Yo Day (additional information)
The History of the Yo-Yo (toy)
I can't get a yo-yo to go up and down even once. Check out this kid!

Yo-Yo Beginner Tricks

A different Yo-Yo

And a Yo Yo almost as famous as the toy

Russian Language Day
Try your tongue at Russian language
A History of the Russian Language

Gardening Exercise Day
From what I can tell gardening is exercise. Squats, pulls, etc. But it requires being out in the sun and sweating AND getting dirty so it's a no for me.  You?

Drawing Day
Pick up a pencil, grab a sketchpad, and draw.  Who cares if you have skills or not?  Drawing can be a form of stress relief and it's always good to stretch your creativity skills.

Name Tag Day
I hate name tags!  :)

Drive-In Movie Day
The History of the Drive-In Movie Theater
Some of my best memories are going to the drive-in. I remember seeing a Muppets movie at the drive-in.  How about you?

In 1933 (June 6) the first drive-in movie theater opened.

National Trails Day
America's Trail System
The American Discovery Trail takes the traveler from one coast to the other, showcasing the heart of America.
For the long-distance hiker here are a list of the longest trails in America
Great American Hikes: The Top 20 Trails in the USA
Going to another country?  Check out these trails!

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